Quality Policy

ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System

What we care about
  1. To implement the established system and to ensure its modernity and constant development, in the scope of its institutional operations and the application phases of all specified processes, to meet the requirements of the Quality Management System;
  2. To validate the code of “Customer Orientation” in all conducted activities, in line with the philosophy of “unconditional customer satisfaction”;
  3. To take as a basis and constantly develop the “Plan / Do / Check / Act” cycle in all operations;
  4. To ensure the complete provision of offered products and services, of customer needs and expectations, and of relevant standards and legal requirements;
  5. To organize training for the purpose of ensuring the participation of personnel, in the scope of the effective evaluation of human resources;
  6. To plan, implement, and follow and check the results of development, for the purpose of being able to efficiently use material, machine, and equipment resources;
  7. To convert internal and external feed back into effective operations according to the results of analyses;

To carry out control applications for suppliers and subcontractors and implement development programs, and thus ensure an increase in product reliability.